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Are you afraid of the dark? If so, then this is the perfect badge for you! This awesome badge features a little girl with her arms wrapped around herself as she looks up and asks “are you afraid of the dark?” The background is black with some stars scattered on it.

In addition to being an adorable design, this badge also has four different color options so that no matter what your style, there will be one that suits you! To wear this badge on your jacket, sweater, or bag you will need to purchase a set of pinback buttons.

Our pins come with two options–you can either have the button pinned into place and ready to go or as an alternative option that gives you more control over how it’s worn!

woman, gothic, dark @ Pixabay

Tips: take care when selecting colors so they match your style. This is especially important for badges because these small details make them stand out from other designs! Not sure if one color looks better than another?

Try wearing the different styles around town and see which one works best together with your clothes. Another great way to get feedback before ordering is by posting pictures of yourself in each design on Facebook and asking friends what their opinion is. 


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