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Mexican’s are a people that have been colonized. There have been many stereotypes about them, and they continue to be oppressed by the US government. Mexican’ts are those who identify more with the culture than what is attributed to them by others. They share their cultural traditions with pride, but also understand how it has affected them in ways that may not be positive.

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This blog post discusses both perspectives on being Mexican or mexican’t and will hopefully give you an understanding of what it means to either one! Number of Words: __ Content Language: __ The blog post title is “This Blog Post Explores What It Means to Be Mexican, or Mexican’t.” The content of the blog discusses both perspectives on being mexican and mexican’t. This blog was written in __ language. There are __ words total.

Blogging Platforms for this Content: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram Blog Title: The Cultural Divide Between Mexicans and Mejican’ts | Why I Cannot Consider Myself One Without Being A Part Of All That Is Meant By The Other as Well| March 15th 2017 (Wed) @ 11pm EST __Hey! Welcome to my latest blog about exploring what it means to be a person.


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