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How do you know if someone is Mexican or not?

I am sure that there are several ways to tell, but the most common way may be to ask them. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic and many people in society have strong opinions about it.

In this blog post, we will explore what being Mexican means and how it relates to race, identity, ethnicity, nationality and more! I know that you’re probably asking yourself what is a Mexican. This term came from the combination of two words,

Mexican and

Tortilla (a type of food).

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A person who asks someone if they are or look like a “Mexican” may be insinuating whether or not they think the person looks Hispanic.

For example, their skin colour or how much Spanish language they speak could point to them being Caucasian.

Another way people might ask this question is by looking at items in your grocery cart for groceries–if there are any foods with ingredients such as jalapenos, cumin, avocados and more then it would make sense if somebody asked you this question!


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