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The debate over whether or not to eat white bass is a hot one in the fishing community. The pro-bass camp says that they are delicious and nutritious, while the anti-bass group warns of possible negative effects on health. There seems to be no clear cut answer, so we will outline some pros and cons of eating white bass.

Pro: White bass has a delicate flavor and silky texture that make them delectable. They are also less likely to leave you with food poisoning, so they can be enjoyed without worrying about getting sick.

Con: There is some evidence suggesting that white bass could cause mercury poisoning if consumed regularly over an extended period of time. Mercury goes through the fish’s system as it eats smaller creatures in the water, including worms and snails.

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The problem comes when people eat too many whole small fishes like sardines or mackerel because these contain high levels of mercury from all those organisms eaten by larger ones such as tuna or swordfish–which we happen to think taste better than white bass!


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