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I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. I am not sure what led you to believe we were on a date, but it seems like your feelings might be hurt because of something else. I want to reassure you that nothing happened and there was never any intent for anything more than friendship from me.

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You are a great girl and someone who deserves all the happiness in the world! If you do want to talk more about this, I’m happy to. We can either have a chat on here or over the phone – whatever is easiest for you!

If not, then I’ll be thinking of you and wishing everything turns out well in your life no matter how it goes down from there. Sending lots of love 🙂 I understand that might seem like an abrupt change after what we’ve been talking about, but with how upset you are right now it’s best if we just take time away while things cool off. It sounds like maybe something else has happened since our last conversation? Just know that when things clear up and hopefully they will soon enough (they always do, eventually), then we can meet up again without any


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