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“You don’t need anybody but me to make you happy.” – Justin Bieber.

This quote is one of the 50 best boyfriend quotes on our list. It just goes to show that love can be found in all shapes, sizes and people.

There really is nothing more beautiful than finding someone who will make you feel like the most important person in their life. Even though it might not always seem like it, your significant other cares about what makes YOU happy. These are some of the best quotes from this list. We hope you enjoyed reading them and that they helped make your day just a little bit better, even if it was for only a few minutes.

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If you’re looking to buy gifts for boyfriends or husbands try these: “The Beatles” Record Player on Amazon or Adorable Husband Pillow Case on Etsy. “Every morning I wake up with prayer in my heart.” – John Lennon This is one of our favorite quotes because what’s more romantic than waking up next to someone who truly has your back? This quote reminds us how lucky we all are when it comes to finding somebody special enough who will be there through rain and storms. It also exemplifies longevity which


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