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What is cool?

Many people have a different definition and opinion of what constitutes as something being “cool.” This article will explore the history of this word, how it has changed over time, and cultural influences on its meaning.

We will also examine why some words are considered to be cool while others are not. The cool part: The word “cool” can be traced back to the older word, “swelter.” Swelter is an obsolete English verb meaning “to cook or roast slowly by exposure in a heated oven,” which may have derived from French words such as souffler and eschauder.

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It was first used for people who would put themselves into an oven right before it finished cooking so that they could finish off the sweltering heat with their own body temperature. I remain unconvinced, but if you want to call this post ‘Are We Cool Yet?’, then I guess we are. But just because something is called ‘cool’ doesn’t mean it’s actually cool in my¬† opinion anyway.


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