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The first question that you may have is,

“Are Walmart Jordan real?”

They are! Walmart features Nike Air Jordan shoes for a fraction of the price. If you’re wondering how they can be so much cheaper than other retailers, it’s because they buy out-of-season or discontinued models from Nike and then sell them at a lower price. What’s the difference between Walmart and other retailers?

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One huge differentiator is that there are no salespeople. Instead, you scan your own items at a self-checkout lane to pay for them. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, it might be worth checking out some of these tips before heading over.

Shop with a list so you don’t impulse buy something about which you have doubts Make sure you know where the nearest checkout lanes are located If necessary, do not hesitate to ask an employee for help in locating what aisle an item can be found on Checking prices online ahead of time can save trips to various stores looking for deals or coupons.


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