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Ultra Beasts are the hottest new Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Ultra Beasts have a lot of unique properties, but one thing that has been asked is if they can be shiny locked. What does this mean? It means if you catch an Ultra Beast at a certain level, it always appears as the same color.

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This post will explore whether or not Ultra Beasts can be shiny locked! At first, it might seem like Ultra Beasts can’t be shiny locked. This is because some of them evolve at level 34 and this isn’t a fixed number that always happens when you capture an Ultra Beast. However, there are ways to guarantee capturing these creatures with the right colors! One way to do this is by catching one in battle or through SOS battles with another player’s Pokémon–you’ll have significantly higher chances of getting the color you want if you go about it that way

. Another possibility would be breeding an egg from two different parents who both had their own desired coloration for your ultra beast–this relies on luck though as odds are not guaranteed unless they’re bred for specific traits specifically (such as shininess).


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