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Transmogs are a big part of the game, especially for hardcore players. So naturally, there is some confusion about how they work and if they are account wide or not. Let me clear up that question right now: Transmogs are NOT account-wide.

If you want to use your Transmog on multiple characters, you need to manually change it each time you log in. The ability to outfit your character with a different skin, or style of armor is not new. However, in recent years the technology available for this has improved exponentially and Transmogs have become an integral part of World of Warcraft from player to player interaction all the way up through guilds designating common outfits as their uniform on raids.

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Transmogrification items can be taken into dungeons without worry if they are lost because there is always something else cool you could use instead. This blog post contains content that was originally published at by Jammymacaroni (wow head site) under CC-BY-SA . WoW Insider now features original articles written by members of our staff which cover news.


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