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This is a question that many people have been asking themselves lately, and it’s one we’ll try to answer today. With technology changing so rapidly, there are not really any guidelines or rules for what managers should know in order to be effective. Some say this means top managers need experience with the future, while others say they don’t need anything at all.

So who is right? Let’s take a look! The old saying “experience is the best teacher” might actually be true. When we think of top managers, usually what comes to mind are people who have been in their position for a long time and know how to work with employees effectively.

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This means they may not need any experience specifically related to today’s technology, but rather just experience in general that will allow them to adapt quickly. On the other hand, there could also be some truth behind those arguing against this point because although it’s important for a CEO or C-Level executive to lead by example and show employees where they’re going as an organization, if he doesn’t understand the new technological advancements then his company won’t either.. which can have negative repercussions on employee.


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