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Want to be a highly effective manager? According to the research, you may not need experience. In fact, many top managers are first-time bosses and they find that it’s more important how they communicate their ideas than what those ideas are. The most important thing for new managers is to have an open mind about people and learn from mistakes as well as successes. So if you’re considering a managerial position, don’t worry about having zero experience!

student, typing, keyboard @ Pixabay

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The research found that, for new managers who did not have prior managerial experience, the most important qualities were empathy and an open mind. New managers should be willing to learn from mistakes as well as successes. One study found that it’s better if a manager has strong communication skills than having mastery of technical areas related to their company’s product or service line.

To become highly effective in this position you need to develop your people management skills – including being able to communicate effectively with them about what needs improvement. It is also key for top managing teams to work together constructively and efficiently so they can support each other when necessary while accomplishing goals without unnecessary drama! For more information on how you could make the transition into becoming a


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