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In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, there are a few different types of cards. You have your Basic Pokémon Cards, which all players start with at least one of in their deck. Then you have your Item Cards that can be used to help boost the strength and power of your Pokémon or hinder the opponent’s progress.

There are also Trainer Cards that allow you to do things like switch out a tired starter for something fresher or add more damage to an attack from another card in play. And finally, we come to what many people think is the most important type: Energy cards! There are six different types of Energy cards, and they all serve to power your Pokemon’s attacks.

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The card game breaks down the energy types into a smaller number: Fire (red), Grass (green), Water (blue), Lightning or Electric( yellow ), Psychic (purple ) and Fighting (orange). Each Pokémon can only use one type during an attack, but there is no rule saying that you have to do anything in order. These energies also come from actual sources. There are special items called “Energy Plates” which produce these Fuels for your pokemon when played on their own turn. Your starter deck usually starts with one of each energy type already included. I’m going to go ahead and break this paragraph up.


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