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What are tokens? Tokens can be used in two different ways. They can be a permanent addition to a game or they can represent temporary effects, such as the +1/+1 counter from an Aura. There are two types of tokens: creature and noncreature. Creature tokens have power and toughness equal to their casting cost, which is written on the bottom right of the token’s text box.

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Noncreature tokens have no power or toughness at all! Creature tokens always have a color and are usually named. Long-form content: What are Tokens? Tokens can be permanents, but they also represent temporary effects in some cases.

There is no difference between creature and noncreature tokens besides the type of permanent token it represents; all come in two types with power (if it is a creature) or not at all! Creature tokens will have both power/toughness equal to its casting cost on the bottom right corner of text box. Noncreature creatures do not have any power or toughness whatsoever–they don’t even need names because there’s no point if they’re just going to get destroyed immediately anyway! All colors for these cards exist as well, making them versatile when


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