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This is a blog post about how Timberland boots are good for snow. I’ll talk about the history of the company and mention some of their popular products, as well as share my personal experience with them! -Timberland was founded in 1973 by Nathan Swartzman. When he first began making boots, his only goal was to make the world’s best boot – and this is still their company philosophy today.


I’m a huge fan of these boots because they are sturdy and I can wear them all day without feeling sore or tired when it’s time to take them off for bedtime! They’re also really good at keeping me warm even on rainy days like we’ve been having lately. And no matter what weather conditions I run into while wearing my Timberlands, they always keep my feet dry too! As you might know from reading other blog posts here about shoes online shopping, finding new shoes that fit comfortably is very


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