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Hydrogen is an important element in the Universe. It is the most abundant element, and it’s a building block for life on Earth. But hydrogen only has one electron orbiting around it  so what kind of transitions can we expect to see? Turns out that there are some missing low-energies, which scientists have recently found. Except: These new discoveries show that hydrogen can be a very interesting element to study.

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Hydrogen is already used in many different industries, from making batteries for self-driving cars and storing electricity to keeping food fresh and purifying water. With this discovery of transitions at lower energies than expected, scientists will now be able to create much more accurate models of the Universe.

If you want to read about these exciting findings yourself, check out the paper by Nathan Meezan et al, available here . How it Works: The missing low-energies were found through studying spectra data collected by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Spectroscopes are instruments which measure how light interacts with matter – including gases like hydrogen.


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