carbon, hydrogen, atom @ Pixabay

Hydrogen is a very interesting element. It has the lowest energy level, meaning it cannot be broken down any further. But new research suggests that hydrogen may have transitions of higher or lower energy levels that we don’t see due to our current technology limits.

carbon, hydrogen, atom @ Pixabay

What could this mean? Our understanding of the world around us might be incomplete!

We might need to better understand what hydrogen really is and how it behaves before we can create new technologies based on its properties.

For instance, if there are transitions of higher or lower energy levels that we don’t see we may be able to build technology in the future which will exploit these sub-transitions. Or maybe this research could change our understanding of astrophysics by creating a theory about dark matter being made up partially from hydrogen!

At the moment many scientists agree that Hydrogen’s structure needs more study, but they disagree with one another as to whether studying them would lead us down interesting paths for innovation or simply provide greater clarity about an already understood atom. Either way, science advances through experimentation so let’s hope that this becomes a fruitful


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