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I once heard a story about someone who was searching for ticks in Hawaii. They didn’t find any, but they did find something that made them itch and scratch for weeks afterwards. This is why we recommend you arm yourself with the knowledge of how to prevent tick bites when visiting this amazing state or area.

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– Wear long sleeves or pants when outside. Ticks like to hide in the folds of your clothes and crawl up onto you from there, so if you’re keeping them at bay with a barrier they won’t be able to get close enough for an attachment.

– Check yourself periodically for ticks—especially behind ears, under armpits, around waistbands, between toes/fingers and on front thighs (a known hot spot). If one is found it should immediately be removed with tweezers by grasping the head as close to skin level as possible without squeezing its body. A tick that’s been totally removed will die within 24 hours but may still release infectious saliva into infected wounds during that time period which can cause


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