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A Quiet Place is a movie about a family with two deaf children, living on their own while most of the world has been taken over by monsters who hunt via sound. The family are trying to survive in silence and avoid being found by these creatures. There are no subtitles, but there might be some written sign language for those who can read it.

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The film is a groundbreaking work of suspense, emotional depth and originality. The sound creates the tension in this movie as it’s used to create moments where something frightening might be happening or could happen- like when someone walks through a door with no idea whether they’re about to get attacked by monsters.

People who are deaf can’t hear what’s going on so there are subtitles for them too! It means that everyone can watch A Quiet Place regardless of their hearing ability which is really cool because people have different needs but should all still be able to enjoy quality movies together. 

People who are deaf often prefer watching subtitled films instead of dubbed ones because some lip reading skills help you understand conversations better than if somebody else.


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