scorpion, arachnida‎, silhouette @ Pixabay

It’s a question that many Floridians have been asking for decades,

“Where are scorpions in Florida?”

The answer is both simple and complex. In this blog post I will discuss where you can find scorpions in Florida and how to identify the poisonous creatures before they sting you! I’ll discuss the different reasons why scorpion sightings in Florida are so rare, but first let’s start with some basic information.

First things first: What is a Scorpion? Scorpions are members of the arachnid family that have eight legs and can live anywhere from 75 to 120 years. You might be wondering where they get their name. The word “scorpion” comes from the ancient Greek word skorpios which means “spear-man” or “to sting.”

scorpion, arachnid, venomous @ Pixabay

If these characteristics sound familiar then you’re probably thinking about another dangerous creature, like a fly. Well, there’s good news for those who fear scorpions because not all insects share this characteristic! Now that we’ve covered.


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