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It is a common misconception that Florida has scorpions. In fact, there are no native species of scorpions in the state of Florida. This is because they cannot survive the cold winters and humid summers of Florida’s climate.


However, many people have reported sightings of “scorpion-like” creatures throughout the state. These may be some other type of arthropod (such as spiders or millipedes), but it is important to note that these types do not have venomous stings like true scorpions do. The most common insect that people mistake for a scorpion is the solpugid, or daddy longlegs. It has eight legs and lives in Florida’s tropical climate. They do not have venomous stings, but they are arachnids so their bite may cause some pain to humans. This becomes significant when these creatures become too large of an infestation because they can feed on small insects like fruit flies which can disrupt ecosystems.

Another type of bug mistaken as being a scorpion is called the whipscorpion- it also does not live in Florida but other parts of North America such as California where it gets freezing cold winters sometimes during November through March. The whipscorpion has one set of .


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