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Many people who live in Alaska are not even sure if there are penguins living in the state. The answer is yes, and they can be found near Point Barrow on the coast of the Beaufort Sea. They also live inland, but they do not live as far north as Fairbanks or Anchorage (where it is too cold).

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Although they can be found in Alaska, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service does not include them on their list of endangered species for this state. They are also not considered a threatened species by IUCN Red List classification standards or as an animal that is protected under any other laws currently enforced in the region. This means you do not need to worry about going out into the wilds of Alaska with your camera gear to catch photos of these animals before it becomes illegal because there aren’t enough left. You simply have one less reason to go up north! There are plenty more reasons than just seeing penguins anyway such as fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling and exploring uninhabited areas without having fear.


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