emperor penguins, baby penguin, birds @ Pixabay

It’s not just the cute little penguins that live in Antarctica, they also inhabit the Arctic! Writing to Optimize Your Content for Search Engines: Keyword Research, What is SEO? Keywords and what they tell you about your content: “keyword research,” “what is seo?” keywords are words that people search on the internet. They can be found in Google’s keyword tool or other tools such as WordTracker.

emperor penguins, baby penguin, birds @ Pixabay

You want to use them strategically throughout your writing so it will rank well with those terms, attracting more users who are searching for these topics online! What does optimizing my content mean?: When adding keywords throughout our posts and pages we’re helping make sure readers find us when doing their own personal searches whether via desktop or mobile devices (smartphone/tablet). Doing this helps not only get more traffic to our website, but also leads which means we’ll have a higher conversion rate!

11 Steps To Increase Conversions On Your Website: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies – What is it? -Why do you need Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? -What are the basics of CRO and why should businesses have an understanding on what this term entails? -How can I create content that will attract my target audience? -When writing for search engine optimization purposes, how important is keyword research to maximize rankings online with Google’s algorithm updates like Panda or Penguin? Keyword Research – How does it work?, What tools can be used?, Why is Relevance Important when optimizing content for


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