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Many people in the world are unfamiliar with Amish culture. The black Amish are a part of that culture, but not many people know about them. Black Amish have been around for as long as white and grey-black Amish, but they live in small communities that were traditionally segregated from the rest of society.

This blog post will explore what it means to be a black Amish person and how you can learn more about this misunderstood group. There are many people around the world that don’t know much about Amish culture. The black Amish have been a part of this culture for as long as any other color, but they live in communities and most were segregated from society until recently.

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Amish beliefs include living without electricity or modern conveniences and being self reliant with skills like farming or carpentry. They believe all these things to be more important than material goods which is why they reject opportunities for jobs outside their community such as farm hands on someone else’s land. These traits make them unique within the greater American population because there aren’t very many groups who adhere so strictly to traditional values anymore.


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