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It is true that there are bears in Ohio. They live mostly in the eastern part of the state, and they are most often found near a large body of water. The truth about these animals is not what you might think it to be though.

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Contrary to popular belief, black bears do not typically attack people unless they feel threatened or provoked. Black bears avoid humans for the most part because they have poor eyesight and will see us as a threat if we get too close to them or try to feed them food from our hands.

-In fact, there have only been a few cases of black bears attacking humans in Ohio. -Black bear sightings are not uncommon and can be reported to the Department of Natural Resources if they seem like a problem for you or your family. If you see a black bear nearby: Do not approach it or try to feed it food from your hand.

Black bears

Black bears will often become aggressive when this happens because they feel threatened by something that is invading their personal space. If you come across an animal who has just eaten, stay at least 150 feet away so as not to tempt them into coming closer and potentially being attacked themselves; sometimes animals forget how much food they’ve already put down and keep eating even though they


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