silhouette, octopus vector graphic, octopus tentacles @ Pixabay

Hey, I’m a squid ward. You may have heard of me before but there are so many more squid wards that you should know about! So here is the list of 12 other squid wards that you probably don’t know about- it’s worth reading to find out who they are and what they do for fun.

Squidward Warhol is the artist squid ward who paints in a style similar to Andy’s and his work has been featured in galleries all over the world. He also loves listening to classical music, which he often listens to while painting or drawing. His favorite composer is Bach, though he really likes Beethoven too.

octopus, sketch, drawing @ Pixabay

Squidward Warhol only paints with black paint because blue just isn’t as dramatic of a color for him 🙂 Hey there I’m Squirtle and this post might be about me so thanks for reading it! My name comes from my resemblance to water squirting out from an old fountain pen (a quill). You might know that I am one of Ash Ketchum’s three original.


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