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Hockey pucks or bricks?

It’s a question that has been on the minds of many people for years. Which one is better: Hockey pucks or bricks? This article will explore both sides of the debate, and hopefully help you decide which one to buy. A hockey puck is traditionally made from vulcanized rubber. The hardness of the material affects how much force it can withstand before deforming and breaking apart.

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Quality matters!

A brick, on the other hand, has a great range of densities depending on its type; some bricks are soft enough to use as insulation while others are hard enough to be used for paving streets. Hockey pucks are cheaper than bricks but may not last long in harsh outdoor environments like rain or direct sunlight because they will degrade quickly over time. Bricks need more workmanship to cut them into usable shapes so their price reflects that extra labour cost but also means they’re less likely to deteriorate rapidly in inclement weather conditions with reduced risk of structural damage if missed.


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