crocodile, alligator, reptile @ Pixabay

Did you know that there are alligators in Arkansas? I didn’t either until recently. They’re not native to the area, but some people have been keeping them as pets and releasing them into lakes near their homes.

crocodile, alligator, reptile @ Pixabay

The problem is that they can grow up to 14 feet long, which is a little bigger than what most of us want living in our backyards! The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is working diligently to not only find these alligators, but also remove them.

It’s a major concern because they can easily outgrow their tank or pond if left in the wild too long. To make sure you don’t have one lurking around your house, check for tell-tale signs like large tracks on land as well as teeth marks from an alligator who likes to eat small animals such as birds and mice! You’re welcome! If there are any questions about this blog post, feel free to contact me at anytime by emailing [email protected] What other topics would you be interested in reading about? I’ve got plenty of ideas 🙂 So far so good


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