alligator, anthropomorphized animals, crocodile @ Pixabay

Alligators are a common sight in the Southeastern United States, but they also live in other regions of North America. In fact, there are alligators living as far north as Oklahoma and Louisiana. What about Alabama? If you want to find out, keep reading!

In Alabama, the alligator population is concentrated in two regions: Mobile County and Baldwin County. These are both coastal areas with plenty of freshwater swamps for gators to live. As an added bonus, these counties also have a large number of public lakes that people can visit to see the creatures up close.

crocodile, alligator, line art @ Pixabay

The closest public lake near Birmingham is Lake Purdy, which welcomes over 100 species of birds including egrets and herons. It’s possible there might be some other critters living at this location as well, but if you’re looking for alligators specifically then it’s best to head out on one of their four swamp tours offered year-round! Number: none Bullets: no bullets or numbers needed.


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