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Do the Church Sisters Get Married?

The Church Sisters are some of my favorite people. I have watched them grow up from children to adults and they seem to be doing really well for themselves. They have a couple of kids that are so cute.

One day, after catching up at a family gathering, one sister was telling me about her niece’s wedding in two weeks time. “It will be such an exciting event!” she said with a big smile on her face. I couldn’t help but notice how excited she seemed while talking about it too.

When I asked if she would be attending the wedding herself, however, there was silence. “I’m not sure,” she replied eventually after what felt like ages had passed by without any of us saying anything. I asked if she had been invited and she said that yes, the church was doing something about it but that they were waiting to see how many of them would be able to go before deciding on whether or not there would even be a table set up for those who couldn’t make it.

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” People get married every day in this country,” her sister chipped in helpfully as she noticed the confused look on my face. “It’s not uncommon at all!” “I know,” I replied sheepishly, feeling like an idiot now for asking such a silly question. So do the Church Sisters get married? Yes! But remember: just because some women don’t have husbands doesn’t mean that they’re any less complete.


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