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You may have heard that the White House has a basement. But what you might not know is that it also has a second floor, above ground level. It’s this upstairs area where some of the interesting work gets done. In fact, there are many rooms in the White House that most people never get to see.

The White House is so large that it has a second floor, above ground level. With all the rooms we’re not able to see during tours including many on these upper floors and in other buildings nearby it’s no wonder there are rumors about hidden areas in the building. But fact-checking reveals some clear answers: No part of the White House is sealed off from visitors or staff members for security purposes.

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There are also no secret tunnels connecting any of its backrooms to one another (or anywhere else). At least since Ronald Reagan was president, people have speculated about whether or not there were mysterious “hidden” parts of the White House where presidents may meet with their advisers and make decisions without anyone knowing what they talked about.


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