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Many people don’t realize the severity of committing these illegal acts. In this blog post, we will discuss 12 reasons why you should think twice before committing any of these crimes! The first reason why you should not commit these illegal acts is because of the risk.

Not only are there penalties for committing a crime, but law enforcement may be looking out for and arresting people who are suspected of criminal activity. The second reason is that some crimes carry heavy sentences such as fines or jail time, depending on what crime has been committed.

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Thirdly, committing any type of crime can affect your future job prospects since it will show up in background checks done by potential employers. Fourthly fifth sixth- seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth Thoughts: If we were to mention all 12 reasons here then this blog post would become quite lengthy! We’ll discuss them one at a time with additional posts if needed.


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