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Are Takis gluten free?

If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, this question might be the most important one you can ask. Takis are traditionally made with corn flour and wheat flour (which contains gluten). However, there is actually a “gluten-free” version of the popular Mexican snack food. You can find these snacks in many grocery stores and they’re usually located near other specialty items like vegan products.

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If you’re not convinced that Takis are for you yet, then keep reading to learn more about what makes them so great. We have a list of the top five reasons Takis are gluten free: -They’re savory, crunchy, and spicy. They come in over ten flavors like chili lime or barbecue. -You can enjoy them anytime without worrying about what you’ll eat later on (i.e., they make great snacks).

There’s no need to wash your hands before eating them since there is only one ingredient. And finally, they don’t contain any wheat flour which makes Takis gluten free. The question remains for some peopleĀ  why do we care if something is “gluten free”? I’ve found that many people with celiac disease react negatively when ingesting foods containing gluten.


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