Many people ask themselves this question every day. The answer is not cut and dry, but it can be determined by looking at the wrapper. If there is a recycling symbol on the back of the wrapper with a number 2 in it, then you know that yes, they are edible! But what if there is a symbol on the wrapper with number one? You might be asking yourself, “are starburst wrappers edible?” The truth is that they are not! Starbursts have been known to contain ingredients like hydrogenated cottonseed oil and ethyl acetate. These two chemicals can’t be digested by humans because of their chemical makeup. So even though you may want to eat a starburst wrapper for some reason or another, do not do it as this will cause more harm than good in your body! Wrapper type recycling symbols: *Number one- Not edible. Do not eat the wrapper in case there is some leftover residue on it from manufacturing because of ethyl acetate and hydrogenated cottonseed oil. These two chemicals are harmful to humans as they can’t be digested by our bodies! *Number two- Edible, but do know that even though you might want to eat a starburst wrapper for fun or whatever reason, it’s better just to leave them alone! To reiterate what was said before, these wrappers contain potentially hazardous ingredients like Ethyl Acetate which will cause more harm than good if ingested. So please don’t eat the outside of the wrappers either; stick with eating your


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