Many people believe that starbursts are vegan. This is not actually true, as there are many ingredients in a pack of starbursts which come from animal products. The most common allergen found in the wrapper is gelatin and it can be derived from beef or pork for example. Gelatin is also found in some of the other ingredients too such as fruit juice and glucose syrup. There are also natural flavors which could contain dairy products like milk, cream, butter or whey powder. If you are vegan and want to avoid any animal products in your starbursts, then it is advised that you look for the ingredient list on the side of each pack. You can find out whether or not an item contains a certain allergen by looking at its ingredients and cross-referencing them with this guide from Vegan Society (link). For example, if we take glucose syrup which is found as one of the main ingredients in some packs of starburst: It will contain milk which means that those packets cannot be consumed by vegans. If however there were no mention of dairy whatsoever within those same ingredients list then they would be safe to eat according to The Vegan Society’s guidelines. However these two examples still


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