Do you know what time of the day spiders are most active? It isn’t when you think! They actually come out during the daytime and night. This article will explore this idea, as well as other interesting facts about spiders. Keyword: spider Keyword: nocturnal, day time The next sentence would be the first paragraph of the article. Write another one to make it three paragraphs for a total of four sentences long content. – One reason spiders might not be active at night is because many species are diurnal and they have been living that way since they evolved into an arthropod millions of years ago! – At nighttime you’re most likely going to find them resting or seeking shelter in dark corners where their prey can’t escape easily with thick webs on all sides. They also like hiding under furniture and inside closets so keep your eyes peeled when opening doors if you want to avoid this unpleasant experience! – Spiders don’t need much


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