What is  Planet Fitness Time Open?

Planet Fitness Time Open (or PFTO) is a program offered by Planet Fitness in which people are encouraged to open their time between the hours of 5 and 10am on weekdays for others to work out without any cost. In return, those who use the gym during this time will not be charged.

If you’ve ever wished that people had a designated hour a day where they could come workout for free and not have to worry about being late or paying up front? PFTO is your solution.

Use of it:

The program has been around for a few years, and is available to all Planet Fitness gyms. If you go to the gym before the schedule or at another time, it will not be open. You can use it as often as you like; however there is no guarantee that it will always be open. Each Planet Fitness gym sets their own rules, but generally the following applies:

PFTO might be available if:

You ask a member of staff (usually at the front desk) to make sure that it’s open. The staff member obviously cannot guarantee that an hour won’t be closed after they’ve checked, so talk to them if you want to make sure.

You’re a member of the gym. This means that you are a regular customer at the Planet Fitness that you are using. It is common for members to open their time, so ask a member of staff if you’re not sure. You have a pass card. If you have an active pass card, then you can open your time whenever you want. If you don’t know whether or not your pass has PFTO, look it up online now!

PFTO might be closed:

If it’s closed, then there is no point in coming down early to open your time as this point every day. If you’re not a member of the gym, then you will be challenged. If this happens, then get in touch with their customer service department and tell them your situation. They might let you use it anyway!

If you have a pass card but the machine is open already. This is because the pass machines can’t be opened more than once every 30 minutes (to prevent people coming by too often to use it). There are already other people using it (if there are other people working out, then there’s no point in letting other people join as they’ll have to wait anyway). If your store doesn’t open PFTO (this is a rare situation but could happen. If you’re a member then talk to staff and they’ll get the right person to check).

Benefits & Costs:

You will be able to get a full workout without having to worry about paying up front. PFTO can be used on any machine or any type of equipment. You can come as many times as you like in one day. If there are people waiting to use the equipment that you want, then you must wait (usually not more than 5 minutes at most). 

You should note that weight lifting equipment has priority on PFTO. Staff don’t have the right to tell anyone that they have to leave, so if there is space available, nobody will make you go away. If you’re using the gym when the PFTO is open, then you can go any time of the day or night. If you have any doubts about whether a gym is eligible for PFTO, simply ask a member of staff if it’s available and whether or not it’s being used!

Where to use it:

It can be used in any Planet Fitness gym, which are all over the world. They are mostly found in North America and Europe, with some already in Asia and Oceania. They’ve recently opened two Australian locations so far; one in Brisbane, one in Sydney.


You need to be a member of Planet Fitness or have an active pass card. You will not be able to open your hour if you are not a member and you do not have an active pass card.

What if I don’t want to use it?

Some people dislike PFTO, but this is usually because they don’t like the idea of strangers being at their gym. Some people feel awkward or over-cautious about it and think that “they don’t want any weirdos” coming in early in the morning to use the gym. However, no one is excluded from using PFTO. If you are uncomfortable with PFTO, then you can simply ask a staff member on duty. They do not have a right to turn you away if they don’t like your face or what you’re wearing (that would be discrimination).


Planet Fitness put up a rule stating that only members of their gym who arrive before 5am can open up their time for others to use. This led to much confusion about whether or not anyone could use PFTO or not. The previous rule stated that all members could open up the hour if they asked; however the new rule changed this. There are many reasons behind this, which are not unreasonable. However, this change means that you can’t open your time at any gym unless you’re a member there.

Many people had been using PFTO without knowing when it opened (especially those who come late at night). This led to some people coming in early in the morning and opening the hour without any knowledge of what was going on; they were simply looking to use his time as part of PFTO.


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