What is Corina Kropf?

Corina Kropf is a 22 year old artist, performance activist, and curator who explores the relationship between art and social justice in contemporary culture. Corina’s work is inspired by her personal experiences with injustice and also draws from social movements such as Black Lives Matter, human-animal rights activism, anti-rape demonstrations, public artworks of the late 1960s-era New York City Subway system, and more. In this exclusive sneak peek at what’s next for Corina Kropf , you’ll get to see what she has coming up in the future! We can’t wait for you to read it.


Corina Kropf has created a name for herself by taking advantage of many different types of art media. Her artwork ranges from traditional painting to performance art, and her work specifically focuses on using art as a tool for social change. Corina discovered that she is not the only person who feels a strong connection between the arts and justice, so she is working on creating an “arts activist” movement to empower others like her!

Here’s what you can expect:

This exclusive sneak peak at what’s next for Corina Kropf will be entirely dedicated to showing off Corina’s upcoming projects. You’ll get to learn about past demonstrations that have inspired her, such as the “Black Lives Matter” protests in Ferguson, Missouri . You’ll also get to see a sneak peek of an upcoming report and proposed solutions based upon Corina’s activist experiences. Corina Kropf is setting out to make change for social justice by using the arts. You won’t want to miss what she has in store for the future, so stay tuned!


Corina’s work is featured in the pages of The Huffington Post and the Bronx Times , and she has also been interviewed by an award-winning news website called DNAInfo . Her artwork has won many awards, including the 2015 High School Students for Social Justice Award. Corina is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis and she plans to major in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.


In this exclusive sneak peek of what’s next for Corina Kropf , you’ll get a first hand look at Corina’s upcoming projects. Her artwork has influenced social activists and has been met with critical acclaim in the past. This article will be dedicated to showcasing her future projects, and it will also shed light upon past demonstrations that have inspired her!


Although this exclusive sneak peak of what’s next for Corina Kropf will be focused on showcasing her future projects, it will not be as comprehensive as some of the other articles that we have on our website. This is because, you see, the interviews with people who have been involved in past demonstrations are usually more elaborate than others. They tend to have many details to share about their activism experiences, so this article will likely not be as “in depth” as others (this is why we put a limitation on the number of interviews).

Who is this article for?

Corina Kropf loves art and wants to bring justice to every corner of society. If you are interested in social justice and you want to learn more about this awesome activist, check out this article! In the wake of the acquittal of Darren Wilson, who fatally shot teenager Michael Brown, there has been a distinct cultural shift in how people across the country have come to understand racism within their communities. Whether it’s through reflective conversations on social media or diverse protests, it’s been clear that the American public is ready to challenge institutionalized racism.

The ultimate takeaway:

This exclusive sneak peek of what’s next for Corina Kropf is sure to have something for everyone. You’ll get to see examples of Corina’s artwork along with upcoming presentations that she has planned. You’ll also get insight into how art relates to social injustices such as Black Lives Matter movement in Ferguson, Missouri . “I didn’t want to make a political statement. I wanted to make art. And art, at its best, makes us more aware. To me, that’s what political protest is all about.” Corina Kropf


As you can see from this exclusive sneak peak into Corina Kropf’s upcoming projects, she values art as a tool for social justice and change. She sets out to inspire others to be activists through her work, and she wants everyone who reads her blog post on Media Bistro to learn something new about social activism and its relation with art. Whether it’s through art or activism, the main objective is to make the world a more equitable place for everyone. Thanks again to Corina Kropf for sharing her unique insight into activism and art, and stay tuned for what’s next!

Interviewee bio: Corina Kropf is an artist/activist/curator who creates work that uses new media and non-traditional methods of activist practice. She studies Human-Centered Design at The Center for Emerging Media in the School of the Arts + Design at Parsons The New School For Design in NYC. She also holds a BA in International Relations from George Mason University. 


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