Affordable Clothing: Designer Clothes is a comprehensive guide to the best designer clothing that will not break your bank. In this blog post, Style Cluse have compiled a list of 20 clothing stores that offer high-end pieces for reasonable prices. We have also included some general tips on how to find affordable designer clothes and what you should look out for when shopping!

Affordable Clothing

You have probably heard of these two stores if you live in a big city. They sell designer clothes at lower prices than anywhere else and they change their stock often. So there is always something new to discover! 

These are some great stores for affordable clothing; the first store offers solid colors while the second one has unique prints and designs on pretty much everything. If you want affordable, fun fashion, go here as soon as possible because it won’t be available forever.

High quality clothes

Our cheap but high quality clothes are the perfect way to update any wardrobe with minimal financial commitment without compromising style or performance. Here is an example of how well it fits when someone orders a size small (example). It comes with black pants that go perfectly together to compose your whole outfit.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors offers different types of clothing from apparel, shoes, accessories and even watches at amazing prices. So if you would like to get your hands on one from them without spending too much money then head over to their website now. Here they offer up to 50% discounts all year round so be sure not to miss it!!

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is another great clothing brand which offers quality stuff at affordable prices. They have practically everything starting from clothes and sportswear, to watches and even shoes that you can choose from! And the best part about choosing their designer items is that they offer up to 60% off on selected products. So be sure not to miss out this awesome deal!!

Calvin Klein Collection

One of the most popular brands in terms of high fashion is the Calvin Klein collection where they sell a variety of different types such as footwear, jewellery, accessories like ties and belts for men along with women’s wear. So if you would like to get your hands on some amazing deals then head over now. Because we are offering up to 50% discount on selected items.


Another great brand when it comes to fashion is Coach, where they sell everything from apparel and shoes for men along with women’s wear. So if you would like to get your hands on some designer clothing then head over now. Because we are offering up to 50% off retail prices right now!


The last but definitely not the least in our list of Affordable Clothing: Designer Clothes brands that will save you a lot of money while still providing quality products is Fashion Nova. It offers affordable clothes for both men and women at an unbelievable price tag. They offer cheap online shopping without compromising any product specifications or quality whatsoever so make sure to check them out!

What can we look for in an affordable piece of clothing?

Quality is the most important factor when it comes to luxury items such as a pair of shoes or a handbag. You should always aim to get the best quality you can afford. Because this will ensure they last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Do not go for cheap clothing at all costs.

Affordable pieces are great. But if they’re poorly made then they won’t last long enough to be worth the money.  If you have a bag or shoes that have started falling apart or broken after just a short amount of time. It’s probably best not to replace them with another one from the same brand unless you want your new item to follow suit.

Designer brands sell their items at higher prices. Because they do more research and development into creating unique designs, use better quality materials in their products, as well as having high-tech manufacturing processes. This make production cheaper for companies who manufacture designer labels compared to manufacturers producing fast fashion items.

Common concerns

The terms inexpensive or cheap are often used to describe something as affordable and within the average person’s budget. Over time though this has become a confusing topic especially when it comes down to apparel. Many people associate designer brands with expensive prices. While others see them as accessible making the debate on what constitutes “affordable” quite complicated depending upon who you ask !

Affordable clothing is often referred to as something that costs less than $100. However many upscale boutiques would consider items in their store affordable if they are under $2000 . Addressing common concerns of affordability one can say that most designers make their clothes with quality materials and pay attention to detail. So even if an item is not considered cheap by all means you know there was thought put into it!


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