Ace Hunter Coin Location is a video game made by Uplay. You should get access to it through the Ace Hunter Coin Finder app on your phone. If you have trouble locating Ace Hunter Coin Location, you can follow the instructions below for how to find it without using the app. 

There are also uses for Ace hunter coins within this game as well. It is possible to unlock weapons and utilities that will help aid your mission in stealthily completing missions without getting detected and getting yourself killed, including but not limited too: Invisibility Cloak and Combat Rifle Shots, among others.

The first Ace Hunter mission can be a bit confusing, but if you follow the on screen directions, it will be easier for you to play this game. The list of missions are as follows:

Although there are several ways to do each mission, usually there will be the best way or the fastest way. Here is a step by step instruction guide on how to complete your first mission. It is recommended that you start with Mission #1 (Locate and Retrieve)

Here some points are discussed about ace hunter coin

1. How to Get Ace Hunter Coins

As mentioned above, you can get Ace Hunter Coins from finding locations with the Ace Hunter app. If you’re not sure how to download the app, follow these steps:

After that, run the game and play through it for about 5 minutes. The app will start noting down all of your locations and how many coins are in each. 

It’s a great way to earn Aviator Points if you don’t have any nearby. For people who live in rural communities, this is a great way to collect Aviator Points wherever there is no airport nearby.

2. How to Find Ace Hunter Coin Location Without Using the Ace Hunter App

One question many people have is “How do I find a location where I can get Ace Hunter Coins?” The answer is located within the game itself. All you have to do is follow the on screen directions for where to go, use your eye for detail and you will see the location.

3. How to Unlock Invisibility Cloak and Combat Rifle Shots

You can unlock these two weapons by finishing Eagle Petal: Complete Mission #1, Retrieve Eagle Petal in Less than 5 minutes, but you don’t have enough time in your seconds counter.

4. Combat Rifle Shots

You can unlock this one by getting the “Environmentalist” award. You’ll get a pop up message saying that you’ve unlocked the feature after that. Simply go to your weapons and select it to use in your missions.

The Combat Rifle Shots will take away all of the surrounding sound, even through walls. It’s great for sneaking past guards at night or finding an exit during an emergency situation.

To use the cloak simply hold down LT while running to activate it. You can also press B when you’re not moving to deactivate it.

5. Invisibility Cloak

This is also simply a weapon. The Invisibility Cloak will block all of your carbon footprint, so you can sneak past people or get out of dangerous situations. You can also use it to stop guards from seeing you in a dark situation during the night time.

You can also pick up this cloak by beating the hide and seek mission #2 in less than 5 minutes to complete the mission (“To borrow a disguise.”).

6. Scavenge Locations

These are locations where you can score large amounts of coins on your missions even if there aren’t any enemies around. This is great for scoring more points as well as finding new high scores that other people have added online. This will help you rack up the Aviator Points to get bigger and better weapons to help you further.

To find scavenger locations for high scores:

Go to the Scavenger menu in Ace Hunter’s main menu. Scroll down to “Scavenge” (it will be at the bottom of your list). Selecting this option will give you a new screen where there are many options, including “scavengers” (this option will let you see all of the scavenger coins that have been located nearby), which is where most people go to find high score locations. 

To find some coins around it’s recommended that you search places that are important, but not too critical like a mall or gas station. Scroll through this menu in order to find the location. If you see a star, that means there’s a lot of coins in that area. If you see two stars, there’s more than one location nearby that is great for scoring some points.


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