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What is when to reclass mozu?

When to reclass mozu is the process of resetting your experience level in Monster Hunter World. Wondering when you should reclass? Read on for info on what will be affected and when to do it!

What happens when I reclass mZuo?

You’ll have changed your armor sets in addition to your hunter rank, meaning you’ll lose points. This can make it more difficult or less rewarding to hunt certain creatures that have a handy armor set with them! As such, be mindful of the time before you reclass and choose wisely.

How often should I reclass mozu?

This is a fairly personal question – some people prefer doing it at every opportunity, others only once or twice per game. The loss of armor points from reclassing is not permanent (you’ll get them back when you level up), so the more you do it, the better your armor score will be at end game. However, if you’re trying to craft certain armor sets by gathering materials from a specific creature that may only appear once or twice in the same low rank area, it might be best to wait until you’ve got all the materials you need before reclassing.

How do I reclass mozu?

With the most recent update, you’ll need to visit the smithy and choose an armor set. Any armor set listed under ‘required quests’ in your smithy menu is a viable option to meet the requirements of reclassing. Once you’ve picked one, talk with your smithy and choose to reclass mZuo! Afterward, you will lose any affinity points (determined by how many stars are next to a weapon or piece of armor) that are not attached to any weapons or armor in your inventory.

What is affinity?

Every weapon and piece of armor has an affinity. This is indicated by a star on the item’s icon. The more stars, the higher its affinity. If you reclass mZuo with a set of armor with an affinty that matches a weapon you’ve got in your inventory, you’ll keep all your affinity points with that weapon when you reclass! Not to mention the new armor set will have better attributes as well!

Where do I get mozu to reclass?

You can obtain mozu by participating in any quest or expedition on your map. Sometimes you’ll be awarded mozu as a quest reward. Other times you’ll get mozu after completing a quest. They’re also scattered throughout your map and in some cases are required to progress in your quest or expedition! Make sure to explore and look everywhere!

What happens if I reclass mZuo and then die?

If you have any mozu on your person when you die, it will disappear – so be careful out there! If you’d like to avoid this risk, head to the smithy before heading off on an expedition or quest and talk with him to send off any mozu that’s not attached to an item in your inventory. This way you can keep your mZuo armor score.

Things to note

– When you reclass and lose affinity, you can keep it for that same creature. For example, if you reclass mozu and get 0 affinity for a specific weapon you want to keep and then reclass again, that 0 affinity will carry over to the new armor set and not be reset! So be careful when choosing which weapon or armor piece to reclass with! You only lose one point of affinity per reclassing. – If you’re trying to craft a specific armor set by gathering materials from a specific monster (e.g. Yian Kut-Ku) that may only appear once or twice in the same low rank area, it might be best to wait until you’ve got all the materials you need before reclassing. – The same goes for affinties. Many affinties are shared between multiple armor pieces and weapons, but not all of them! So if you’re trying to craft a set and have matching affinties on your armor pieces but not on your weapons, select an armor set before selecting a weapon.

What are the advantages?

Reclassing lets you customize your loadout to whatever armor set and weapon you choose, even if it’s not the ideal selection for your level. You can take some risks and roll the dice on a certain armor set with a shiny new weapon, or stick with something that’s already got a built-in affinity you like! The choice is yours.

What are the disadvantages?

You’ll lose affinity points so if you don’t reclass carefully, it’ll be more difficult or logistically impossible to craft certain armor sets later on.

Are there special armor sets?

Yes! There are special hard to find (and often not very useful) armor sets that you can only craft using mozu! For example, the “Bruno” set is only available from reclassing mozu and cannot be crafted by players. You’ll get it when you reclass Bruno yourself, so keep an eye out for it!

What about weapons?

You can also reclass weapons. Every weapon has a star next to it telling you what weapon rank it can be at. So, a weapon with 2 stars can be at hunter rank 9 or 10. This means that if you go to reclass mZuo and pick a weapon with 2 stars, you can use it immediately after reclassing! However, the two star weapon will not have any affinity points attached to it. 


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