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Introduction Michael Myers Skateboard:

A term which was originally used to describe the skateboarding of Tony Alva and Mike McGill, Michael Myers is a company that creates decks for skateboarding. The company mostly specializes in wooden decks with craftsmanship that range from natural stains such as oak, cherry, and cypress to colors like black walnut, walnut burl, hickory maple burl, maple burl (among others).

When did it come into existence?

Michael Myers Skateboard has been around since 1983. Originally based out of New York City’s Lower East Side warehouse district, they are most active in creating some of the best quality wooden skateboard decks on the market today. It started out as a small operation but has grown exponentially into its own brand name in recent years.

Sizes they are available in:

The company offers wooden skateboard decks in 6″ x 38″ in three standard widths for any level of rider: 7.75 inch (Standard), 7.75 inch (Skateboard), and a 8.5 inch (Turbo). The shape of a skateboard deck is the physical outline of what the final product will look like. There are many different shapes of skateboards ranging from deep inverts, mini noses, mellow kicks, concaves and convex profiles.

Their stance on the education of skateboarding:

The company understands that many parents are involved in teaching their children skateboarding and would like to see a product that is good for the parents as well as the children involved. Michael Myers does not believe that it is necessary to do this but it is a nice thing to do because of all the potential benefits from learning how to skateboard as early as possible; social benefits, physical benefits and mental benefits are just some of them.

Material used:

Michael Myers Skateboards are made with sugar maple, which is the most popular species of maple that is used in skateboarding. This type of wood gives a great pop to it and is a favorite among many professional and amateur skateboarders. It can be found in many different products other than Michael Myers Skateboards such as baseball bats, hockey sticks and kitchen cutting boards.


The natural stained decks that Michael Myers offer will vary from board to board due to the fact that no two decks are exactly alike; this adds a certain uniqueness to them. The wood grain of the stained wood is very visible, which gives them a very nice and appealing look to the eyes. The natural ability for Michael Myers Skateboards to be customized and designed for any individual’s own personal interests makes them even more desirable.

Is it safe for kids?

The company does have a child safety warning that is located on the back of their packaging in which they advise parents to supervise children when using their products.

What makes them different from others?

Due to the fact that no two Michael Myers Skateboards will look exactly alike, every board is one of a kind and has its own distinct features. Not only are their decks unique but also the company itself is unique in its own way due to their strict dedication to giving people quality products. They believe in what they do and when you purchase a product from them, you can feel it.

Where can we purchase it from?

Michael Myers is a relatively new company and can still be found in specialty stores as well as skate shops that have been around for years. However, you may only find the wood and not the signature shape. The Signature Shape will be available at retail stores this summer, so get ready for a whole new line! The company does offer direct sales of their products through their website.

Safety measures:

Michael Myers Skateboard does not have safety measures in place. They do have a warning on the back of their packaging advising parents to supervise children when using their product. But the company itself does not offer any safety regulations.

Special Features: 

The features of the Michael Myers Skateboard are not very many and they mostly consist of the decorative items that they can be adorned with. They come in a variety of different styles:

The company mainly cares about customer satisfaction and treats each customer like family, which is why their customers will be treated to some great customer service. They believe that their products should not only be used but enjoyed. This is why you will find them offering free samples in areas where there are a lot of kids so that the kids can see what they have to offer as early as possible. Their free samples are non-returnable, which makes it easy for reinvigorating products or selling them all at once if they were already put away prior to selling them at retail. Stained decks with custom designs, one-of-a kind decks, and customizable shapes.

Why should people purchase from here?

For people who love skateboards and would like to own a centerpiece for their house, Michael Myers Skateboards are definitely the way to go. They are works of art and will not only draw attention from friends but also from strangers as well. The quality of the wood and craftsmanship that goes into these skateboards is incomparable to any other brand that is out there today. For skate boarders or people just looking for some good quality wooden boards, Michael Myers Skateboards will not disappoint.


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