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What are holiday nail designs 2015?

Holiday nail designs 2015 are some of the most popular and trendy nail designs this Fall. They are perfect for anyone looking to add a little bit of sparkle to their nails. They come in a variety of different colors and styles that can be paired with your wardrobe and accessories. If you’re looking for a nail design that is perfect for the season, it doesn’t get much better than these!

Where to find them?

Some places where you can find holiday nail designs 2015 are at any local store or beauty supply but there is also plenty available online! You will find blogs devoted entirely to pointing out the latest trends and new holiday possibilities that have been released this year. You can find pictures and videos of them online from other people who have tried them out or watched someone else do it. You can even buy them at beauty stores and department stores now where they are sold individually or as complete nail polish kits.

How to do them?

Holiday nail designs 2015 are fairly easy to do. You can either buy a specially made kit with all the colors you need and instructions on how to apply them or you can just watch a video on Youtube that shows how easy it is to do.?Either way, these nails are great for anyone looking for something they can wear during the holiday season while also having an elegant look.

Holiday Nail Designs 2015:

What are Holiday Nail Designs 2015? Holiday nail designs are a bit of a trend this year, and I feel like they’re going to be some of the best holiday nails we see for years to come.    If you have never tried holiday nail designs, then this is the time to do it!  It’s a way to incorporate all the colors and styles of clothing, jewelry and accessories into your nail polish.    

You can even find other ways to get them, including on youtube or in a post on your favorite blog… Here are some examples. If you have tried holiday nail designs before I’d love for you to share how they turned out.  I have found that they can be a little bit more tricky than they look, but once you get the hang of it, then you won’t be going back.   

Some tips:

Holiday Nail Designs 2015: Tip #1

For anyone who wants to try holiday nail designs for themselves, you want to pay attention to your base color.  These designs are based on a solid background color and not all colors can be used as the base color.  If your base is too light or too dark it will show up under the design and ruin your look.

Holiday Nail Designs 2015: Tip #2

The next thing to pay attention to when it comes to holiday nail designs is that they are very time consuming.  You can’t just step outside and paint your nails as you watch TV.  If you want something that looks good and does not come off under the nail, then it needs to be well done.  That means an extra step for you.  You will want to spend a little bit of time making sure your design is done correctly and on a good quality nail polish or lacquer base coat.  It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it.

Holiday Nail Designs 2015: Tip #3

You need to make sure that your piece is cleaned up before you apply any design onto it.  This is the most important thing.  You don’t want to leave any residues or streaks.  Whether you are applying your color over a base coat or polish, you want it to be perfect.  If you put on a design and then go outside and it comes off, or if you put on a design and then come back in and it is still visible, will ruin your holiday!  

Holiday Nail Designs 2015: Tip #4

In some cases, these holiday nail designs will make their way onto your fingers under the nail.  You want to be sure that your nails are properly cleaned of old polish first so that you can make certain they don’t show through under the design.


1. All the holiday nail designs are just as fun to wear year round!

2. If you are feeling a little daring and want to go all out and do some crazy, eye-catching designs, then you can be sure that your nails will be noticed!

3. You can practically do them yourself…usually all you need is a base coat, a top coat, and whatever color you want to use for the design.  The only things that may require additional supplies are the brushes and glue guns used to put these on your fingers. 

4. There are so many fun designs to choose from.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  If you are looking for just a subtle design or something bold and bright, you can choose the look that works best for you!


1. These designs require a bit more work than what some people want to put into their nails.  You may have to spend some extra time on your hands making sure they look just right.

2. Some of your base coats may be incompatible with these holiday nail designs if they are too light or too dark on top of them.  So, just make sure to test them out first before you try to put a holiday design on top of them.

3. Holidays can be expensive so of course some people will want to skip the nail art and go for something that can be purchased in their regular nail polish or beauty supply store.  This is a personal preference and something that you will have to decide for yourself.

4. These designs may not look as good if they are too gaudy or bright under the light, especially if they are done poorly due to lack of experience and time spent on applying them correctly.


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