The recent Battle Royale video game, called Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, has been the talk of the town. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in recent years. While it still isn’t on consoles yet, some say it will be a hit before too long, especially with its “Fortnite” like graphics.

This battle royale game like sarasota fair shooting 2021 isn’t easy to master either! A basic tactic might be hiding in tall grass or behind bushes to avoid getting shot by your enemies and killing them with a head shot when they finally see you.

8 key tactics the pros use for PUBG are:

1. Find a good place to hide:

When you first join a game, the first thing you want to do is look for a good spot to hide. It’s best to pick a place that is near a good weapon (for example, if there’s an AK-47 near your hiding spot, it might be best to stay there). When everyone is searching for the same spot to hide, it’s easy to stay hidden. This is what most people do, but this could lead to some good kills if you are well-hidden.

2. Snipe:

There is nothing like a good sniper to pick you enemies off. Some say it’s just luck, but it’s more planning and skill that makes the difference. You can wait in the bushes until someone gets close and then take them out with a head shot. The longer they run after you, the better their aim will be so when they get near, wait for a guaranteed kill shot in the head or chest.

3. Follow leader:

You can follow the leader of your squad if they make it into first or second place. The leader usually knows where to go, and you can take them out when they come close. When one of your teammates moves behind you, walking directly behind them is an excellent tactic as they will lean towards your location and be a bit easier for you to take down.

4. Eavesdrop:

This is a great tactic used by most pro players. Whenever someone is speaking with someone else, you can record their voice and listen to it later to figure out where they last were. You can hear other people talking to each other. When you hear them discussing something you are interested in, such as loot or a kill, you can jump out and ambush them by shooting.

5. Use the walls:

When you are in an area with a lot of walls and corners, it is easy to run into someone or be ambushed by another player. It’s best to spread out and try to avoid this. Do they appear to be unaware of your presence? If so, follow them behind a wall and take them down quickly with a head shot. Just make sure to hide behind this wall if they are the ones coming after you!

6. Listen to the footsteps:

While it’s hard to hear footsteps in the beginning of the match, as you get further along, you’ll be able to hear footsteps from 80 meters away. When possible, take them out with a head shot because this is usually where they are weakest. The sounds of people walking can be heard well by the way their shoes make noise. When someone is close and you hear the sound of their boots, run!

7. Don’t rush:

This is a simple one, but it can lead to some big moments. When you are in the middle of a fight, don’t do anything that will make you vulnerable, meaning don’t run from cover to cover and so on. Everyone wants that triple kill, but rushing when you don’t know if there will be more people following you could lead to an easy death for yourself. Check ahead for possible enemies and plan your route before you start moving forward.

8. Be stealthy:

Make sure you are still invisible when standing in one place for more than two seconds. If you want to play a game like the best, you gotta be stealthy without appearing to be so. The less people see you, the better your chances will be. When you drop into a new area and there are others waiting to take you out, take different routes to your destination so that you don’t all meet at the same spot. You can use items such as smoke bombs and flares to get closer to your enemies without being seen.


There are many different tactics you can use to win in PUBG, and your preferred style will depend on the situation. For example if you see someone rushing and you know they are not aware of your location, you could ambush them by shooting when they least expect it. However, if you’ve been looking for a certain weapon but haven’t found one yet and notice someone with one, why not use that tactic until the fight begins? The more experienced you get at this game, the more tactics will come naturally to you.

Each new method has its own pros and cons.


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