Posting images online can get tricky if you don’t understand image size and ratios. Social media sites have individual ratios that are specific to their platform. It can become frustrating when you upload a photo, and it’s too large or too small.

In this article, we’ll cover image resizing so you can upload images like a pro. Keep reading for seven valuable tips.

1. Image Size Adjustments Using Apps

The best way to resize an image is by using image resizing apps or software. Most computers come with a photo app. You can also download free apps to your smartphone and tablet.

Search using the keyword image resizer to find a program that will make the task easier and faster.

2. Lock In The Ratio

Whether you’re image resizing up or down, it’s best to use the lock ratio feature on the image resizing software. By doing so, you keep the dimensions of your image intact. 

Without the lock ratio, you run the risk of distorting the people or objects in the photo. This feature can also eliminate hurt feelings if you accidentally change someone’s body structure.

3. Convert Inches To PPIs

Most online platforms will request images in pixels per inch (PPI). PPI determines the resolution and clarity of the image on a screen. However, the average photo is measured in inches.

Imaging resizing software will easily convert the photo for you. In instances where you must do the calculation yourself, it will come down to the size of the online image. A thumbnail will require fewer PPI than a backdrop on a website.

4. Crop Images

Image resizing isn’t only enlarging or reducing the size of an image. Sometimes you’ll want to zoom in on a section of an image to create a new image. This image resizing tip is to crop the portion you want and enlarge the new image to the size you choose.

5. Image Resizing For Social Media

When posting images to your favourite social media, the platform is the best place for image resizing help. You can also search for the best sizes online using the keywords for the platform you want to use.

6. Add Trim For Printing

Online printing is a quick and inexpensive way to order print media. Anytime you order printed material using a file, you’ll need to add free space for the trim. It is usually .125″ on each side of the image, but check with the printer. 

7. Select Save As

Image resizing is common, but you always want to preserve the original image. Once you close the image resizing app, you can’t reverse edits to your original photo.

Any time you edit or alter an image, select “save as” to create an edited version of the image.

Start Uploading Your Images!

We hope these tips for choosing the right image size will help you when you need to upload a photo. Now you can use the same image for different purposes. 

Are you interested in learning other tips that can make life easier? Please keep browsing our technology section for more trending topics.


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