You must have heard that science is the pinnacle of human efforts, and the scientific achievements are immense. Science is important in our life: we use it to cure diseases, and to make our lives easier. With its discoveries and inventions, it changes how we live. Though science can be found everywhere, there are still places on Earth where scientists are discovering new things which could change how humans live forever.

When a scientist/scientist discovers a new phenomenon or scientific breakthroughs happen in one particular place on Earth, people from all around the world come to visit this field after it becomes popularized. A driver has a reaction time of 0.50 s is driving a car at a constant speed of 24.35 km/h with the light fixed at the stop in his direction. 

7 Things That Happen When You Are In Science Field :

1. You may feel overwhelmed and inspired at the same time.

When you visit these places, you will see a lot of events going on in this field. “The most hyped one has been the Large Hadron Collider.” (Marrin). It is known as the largest integrated science experiment ever done. 

There were two 2 mile-long race tracks beneath France and Switzerland with detectors around them where scientists create subatomic particles such as quarks or electrons by smashing together protons. If you are a student majoring in similar things, you may be inspired by what you see here, and want to work with scientists in this field to make a discovery of your own.

2. You will experience a lot of new things when you are here.

Though you may have been in similar fields before, all of them may not be the same, even if they are similar. “The same thing cannot be repeated twice.” (Marrin). You can experience new things here which would never happen in your country or region. You may have to take different approaches which will give you more understanding about your field, and it could make you better than most others at what you do. You can always learn from someone with experience and see how he does it.

3. You will see how things are done in a particular region.

Many things that you see here will be different from what you have experienced before. Scientists in different regions have different cultures and use different methods to do the same task. It is a chance to learn new things and get inspiration from others on how they do it differently. 

You can learn more about other cultures and apply what you’ve learned in your own country or region. “When we look at science through the lens of culture, we find out where it comes from, why people do it, what motivates them, what their struggles are.” (Marrin).

4. You might have to make an adjustment on your work ethic, and your self-discipline.

You must adjust yourself to the physics of the place you are in, perhaps it will have more challenges than what you are used to. “Whereas in science, not every answer is [sic] a good one.” (Marrin). It can also influence how you spend your time; this is because what others do here may affect your work schedule, and how much time you need to spend on it. So you can use your ability to learn from others around you and always improve yourself for the betterment of future discoveries.

5. You can learn so many things from those who are in this field.

You can learn so much about yourself when you are here, especially when you talk to other researchers who are scientists with their own particular fields. It will give you opportunities to communicate and exchange with others in your field and learn more about them. “Science is social by its nature; it connects us to each other and always has.” (Marrin). You can get inspired by the mindset of others, which can make a difference in what you do.

6. You will always have something new to learn when you are in this field.

There is always something new that you can learn from others who are in this field. For example, some of the discoveries happening now have been made 10 years ago. They may have developed through the process of trial and error, which could take years. You can be proud of what you have learned from those who are scientists in your field.

7. You might feel overwhelmed with everything that you see on your first visit here.

When you visit these places, it will be overwhelming to see discoveries and technologies done by people here that make your mind go blank as if you’re dreaming. “It’s as if I were looking at a film set.” (Marrin).


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