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WordPress continues to be the most popular CMS by a wide margin, with over half of all websites now using it as their platform. While WordPress is an open source software project, many companies have sprung up which provide custom wordpress development services. In some situations these companies are providing solutions that are superior to what is available in the free and open-source world and they may offer a product or service that you cannot find in the community. 7 Facts That Nobody Told You About WordPress Development Companies :

1. WordPress is Open Source.

That means that anyone can use the software for free, can modify it and use it for any purpose. There is a lot of work on the code behind this open-source software, but there are also people who have created plugins that make wordpress better and more efficient.

WordPress development companies can use these plugins and make the backend of your website more attractive, but they will never give you access to the code – it is yours and you are free to change it according to your needs.

2. You Always Have Complete Control Over Your Website.

You do not need to rely on professional wordpress development companies to make changes on your website if you do not like some aspect or if there is something that you want to improve. You can always make these changes by yourself – even if you have no technical background and are new to web development, there are many tutorials available online which will allow you to get started in no time.

3. You Can Add New Features Yourself.

The only thing you will have to pay for is the time it takes to implement the requested changes and add some new features to your website. There are plugins and extensions that you can use for free, which will make wordpress development companies unnecessary.

The items that are published for free on wordpress.org should be considered an absolute must-have since it is a huge community of users who also keep an eye on these extensions, and they are always willing to help newcomers out if they encounter problems with their work or want to create something new with wordpress.org’s resources – this is what makes it such a popular CMS.

4. Most WordPress Developers Are Designers.

With WordPress there is a huge demand for designers, programmers and web designers – many top-tier companies require them to be part of their teams during the development process and you can easily find people who offer these services at the low price of $10 per hour. 

While some wordpress development companies have developers who specialize in specific areas of expertise, they usually have graphic designers on board which makes getting a custom website design a breeze. You can also ask those who are skilled in HTML and PHP – they will develop the interface which interacts with the database layer and provides access to information stored in it.

5. It Is Possible to Get Started for Free.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get started with wordpress development companies and design. WordPress is easy to use, and it will provide you with almost everything you need – all you have to do is set up the necessary files which will allow your website’s content and features to be displayed.

The initial setup will take a couple of minutes as long as you are not asking too much from it. Those who wish to change their website later on can also tweak wordpress by altering the theme, changing colors or adding new features and functions just by paying for the time that they require.

6. WordPress is Easy to Use, yet Powerful and Scalable.

WordPress comes with a very intuitive interface that allows users who are not experienced in web design and development to create their own websites on their own. There are simple drag-and-drop features which will allow you to change the layout of your website and move content around on the page. Using wordpress development companies is also a good idea – they can provide you with constant support, advice and recommendations if you are looking for guidance.

7. WordPress Comes with Great Security.

WordPress is well-known for being updated regularly and making its software more secure. Regular updates of the platform and its security features are also one of the reasons why wordpress development companies are necessary, since they can help you implement these features on your website and provide you with the necessary information in order to make sure that you do not fall victim to any attacks or viruses.

If you are looking for wordpress development companies, it is important to remember that when choosing a company that you should ask a lot of questions. You should ask their pricing, which services they provide and how long they have been offering this kind of service. 


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