Undoubtedly, the advent of technology has revolutionized how we do business. Everything has received an upgrade, including modes of communication and finished products and services. While we willingly allow technology to seep and transform every aspect of our lives, it also drives us to become tech-savvy. 

Businesses worldwide actively integrate modern technology within their workplace to reap its benefits. Companies are incorporating numerous software, smart devices, applications, and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their overall performance and productivity. But this also emphasizes the need for necessary technical skills required to utilize these resources effectively. That said, we have listed several tech skills worth acquiring.

Social networking

Social networking skills are hands down one of the best tech skills to have in the modern era. With many businesses looking to establish an online presence, the popularity of social media platforms is ever so high. Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide a perfect platform for businesses to launch and promote their products and services.

But successfully establishing and maintaining an online presence as a business requires hiring a workforce with social networking skills. These skills involve engaging clients and customers online, advertising business offerings, and tapping new digital target markets. In addition, it also teaches the use of built-in functions of social media websites such as tagging and hashtags to harvest their power.

Be mindful that these popular social media platforms and software are the work of software engineers who work tirelessly to introduce such technological revolutions. Many people are pursuing a career as software engineers because of its bright prospects. Although there are various types of software engineers, you can pick a specific role by doing online research. Consequently, it will help you find the dream career that you have been looking for.


Using formal modes of communication is a norm in a professional setting. As an enterprise, you must have a reliable communication channel you can use for internal or external communication. An established communication gateway means optimized performance and minimal errors, resulting in improved productivity. Although there are numerous ways of digital communication, email applications remain the most popular choice in the business industry.

Email applications are a universal workplace technology that allows businesses to communicate both within and outside the organization. Rather than bombarding the recipient with phone calls, emailing helps you save your precious time. It also delivers flexibility as the recipient may conveniently decide when to respond to an email.

Knowing how to use email applications is a tech skill that won’t go obsolete anytime soon. So, investing time to learn about developing email signature sketches, inbox regulations, and managing business meeting invitations is worth a shot. This way, you will learn in-demand tech skills and ensure that the business operations keep running smoothly.

Virtual conferencing

Virtual conferencing software has become quite popular among the business community, especially when Covid-19 struck. Many businesses were forced to shut down their operations since they depended heavily on physical interactions. Thankfully, the introduction of collaboration software gave businesses a ray of hope to conduct their business operations digitally.

Many businesses switched to digital means such as video-conferencing software to continue their business processes. Collaboration software such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams became the go-to option for managing the latest business developments and projects. Because this software is cost-effective, easily accessible, and offers versatility, many businesses adopt them to maximize their profit margins.

Business conferences lay the foundation for the decision-making process of an organization. If you know how to conduct a digital conference via collaboration software, then you are sitting on a gold mine. With global boundaries, geographical distances, and time zones becoming irrelevant due to technological advances, there is a high demand for individuals who are familiar with such software.

Text processing 

Text processing is an emerging tech skill that most organizations seek in their employees. Text or word processing is a skill that enables you to edit or write text for communication purposes, inside and outside your workplace. Businesses often prefer hiring those candidates who understand the importance of word processing. Whether it be Microsoft Word or Google Docs, being familiar with such software and creating organized documents using them is a must-have skill in today’s world.

If you want to reaffirm your position in any workplace, having command over word processing is necessary. It might involve numerous tasks such as editing a written document, maintaining a professional tone, following a specific text format and using recommended font styles. You can also use shortcut keys and various other built-in features in Microsoft Word, thus making your tasks a breeze. In a nutshell, having knowledge about word processing would optimize an organization’s internal and external communication.

Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a source of information that is accessible globally. If you have an active internet connection, you can search, access, and even store the information in the internet’s databases. Most businesses utilize data gathered from the internet to streamline their business processes. But doing so requires search engine skills if you want to access the required information instantly.

Taking help from the web is common nowadays. Whether it be locating new resources, finding academic tutorials, or getting your hands on business-related content, a quick Google search would be enough. It is time-saving and provides a chance to collect information from credible sources.

However, be mindful that search engine skills differ from casual web browsing. People with search engine skills would know how to carry out advanced searches. They would know how to land on desired websites using specific keywords and Boolean operators. This allows them to quickly skim through the databases and derive focused results. So unless you know how it is done, you won’t be able to harvest the limitless potential waiting at your fingertips.


Staying up to date with modern business trends while consistently upgrading your tech skills is a proven way to survive in a competitive environment. You must embrace workplace technology to enhance your performance and productivity as an individual. Therefore, developing social networking, emailing, word processing, and search engine skills is the way forward.


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