Life’s journey is a constant pattern of ups and downs, regardless of the different directions we are heading towards and the paths we are traveling upon. Sadness is a natural reaction to the tragedies and challenges life throws at us, which is supposed to be temporary. However, when it does not go away with time, other feelings such as worthlessness and helplessness accompany it, and people feel trapped in a dark pit called depression. 

Feeling low is not the only element of being depressed. It has a sinister feeling, where reality feels destructive, hope seems to have turned its back, and anger and frustration become constant companions. It keeps the victims from living their lives and convinces them that change is impossible. But do not fall for that! There is always something you can do to reverse the situation. If you feel trapped in a similar situation, here are some simple ways to help you identify and cherish all the good in life and ultimately beat depression.

1. Seek Professional Counselling:

Depression can bluff you into believing things that have no space in reality and elude you to a corner where you are out of everyone’s reach. You need someone who knows the way out of your darkness, and that is why you should consider seeking professional help. You can explore your options in this regard. Going to a psychiatrist is the right choice if you need medications in addition to therapy. If you do not want that, you can also consider going to a licensed mental health counselor. With the sky-rocketing depression rates and increasing demand for professional counselors, many universities now offer online counseling masters so you can find one for yourself easily. Their expertise and knowledge would surely improve your well-being and guide you through the complex maze you cannot decipher alone. So do not fight this battle alone and seek help if you want to stand a chance at winning it. 

2. Connect With Nature:

Man is a part of nature, and the answers to our problems lie within its essence. That is why nature is broadly associated with healing and soothing powers. On some days, when pushing yourself out of bed becomes a momentous task, find refuge in nature’s bliss. There is a message of hope in every aspect, which will make you feel better about your situation. Cherish the minute details like the sound of chirping birds, blooming flowers, trees turning green, and the feel of grass under your toes that will calm your stressed nerves. You do not necessarily need to escape into the wilderness for this purpose. No matter how much the depressed voice refrains you from doing it, toss the sheets at the crack of dawn and hop out of your bed. Cherish this blissful time when the crisp air promises a bright day ahead. You certainly would not regret sacrificing your sleep!

3. Volunteer for Social Causes:

Helping others is helping yourself. There are many people around us whose lives are fraught with seemingly endless struggles and problems. With not enough resources, they wait for a helping hand to pull them out from their miseries. Easing the pain of others by actively volunteering for social causes will give you a sense of achievement and self-respect that will help you curb the feeling of worthlessness. The feeling of making a difference in someone’s life will have an anti-depressant effect on your grief-stricken nerves and boost your mental health. In addition to that, volunteering will allow you to look into the lives of people from other classes with whom your paths do not usually cross. Knowing them, solving their problems, and guiding them will open up the closed windows in your mind.

4. Surround Yourself with Healthy Relationships:

It is necessary to have people in life that radiate positive energy and good vibes by just being in it. At times, you will need such understanding relationships that would be all ears when listening to your worries and would not have a judgmental eye toward them. Surrounding yourself with people who would understand what you are going through will ebb away half your worries. While it may not be possible that every relationship in your life turns out to be supportive, having at least one or two support systems will give you a sense of confidence and safety.

While a strong support network is essential, do not forget to spend some time with children. Their innocence and love, which is unconditional and in its purest form, would suck out the darkness you wallow in night and day. Give them your time, and you will already feel your spirits rising and mood perking up! 

5. Read Inspirational Books:

None is a better companion in loneliness than good books. If you have a hobby of reading books, choose the ones that would stir positivity in you. If you are not an avid reader, you can still try to develop the hobby. Once you start reading the right thing, the book will automatically harness your interest and embark you on the journey to self-realization.

Motivational and self-help books are the essence of the author’s lifetime experience and intellectuality. You will feel like the book is directly speaking to you and addressing things you have been fighting with for quite some time. While depression abstains you from the rationality of things, books will knock the sense back. Moreover, reading books will engage your mind in a healthy activity and refrain from overthinking negative things that bring your energy down.   


Considering depression as a mental disorder may apply to severe cases that often need constant medications to function normally. However, interpreting every situation in terms of chemical imbalance of the brain, or blaming our genes, can mask us from identifying the life problems that are the actual culprits. While following these simple tips may not solve the real problem causing you to spiral downwards, they will surely help you identify them, modifying your perspective and approach towards life. With renewed spirits and light of optimism, you will feel determined to put down anything keeping you trapped in a dungeon. Life is precious but short, so do not let these years slip by and try to work on focusing on the brighter side of the picture.


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