game streaming
game streaming

Streaming is a phenomenon that seems to only grow in popularity and necessity for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie looking to get started, or someone who has been streaming in the background all along, there are some important things to know when streaming. X-titan mid-tower gaming case is the long-awaited case that is finally in stock at an extremely competitive price.

One of the most important things in streaming is also the most overlooked: your internet connection. You need a solid, stable connection in order to stream well and achieve maximum viewer count. Make sure you have a wired connection and not wireless, as wireless has many small problems that lead to dropped connections, lag and low quality streams. 

If you have a steady connection of at least 1 Mbps (1 megabit per second) up to 3 Mbps (3 megabits per second) for 720p video quality and 7 Mbps (7 megabits per second) for 1080p video quality, then you are ready to begin streaming. This article provides five tips that can help you get better at streaming and keep your viewers more satisfied! This post will discuss 5 different tips that will help you get better at streaming so you can quit your job, travel the world, and stream from anywhere.

5 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Streaming :

1. Monitor your bit rate

Your bit rate is the amount of data that is sent to your viewers. It’s measured in kilobits per second and most streaming software shows this measurement, as well as how many viewers you have in a box on the screen during your stream. When you first start streaming, make sure you are getting a stable stream through your software. 

You can do this by minimizing all other applications that are running on your computer and reducing the quality of the video feed to slightly below what you normally play games at. Find out what is causing dropouts or lagging by adjusting the settings in XSplit Gamecaster .

2. Make it interesting

I’m sure you already play games, which in itself is a form of entertainment. So why not just rely on playing games and telling your viewers what you’re doing? Streaming is an opportunity to provide something special to people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

Decorate the settings of your stream with different colors, themes, and images. Add music or voice overs that introduce the viewer into a video game universe. Tell them about your current goal in the game or even about other hobbies that interest you! You can use tools like XSplit add-ons for some great tools for streamers .

3. Use your webcam

As with any streaming software, you probably have an option to use a webcam. A webcam is an advantageous feature that allows you to communicate with your viewers in a more personalized way. This is also a great way to find out what kind of equipment they have, as well as how they may react to the gameplay or other parts of your stream. You can find tips and tricks on how to successfully use your webcam with the SkyKick Twitch Extensions plugin .

4. Add color commentary

Keeping track of everything can be hard and boring to do alone. Don’t let that be you! Add commentary during play into your streams and make it fun for your viewers. It can be as simple as sarcasm and witty jokes, or you can comment on what’s happening in the game. 

This can help you achieve high viewer counts and fun time with your viewers! For example, if you are live streaming a game like League of Legends , then it’s pretty easy to just say what a character is doing in the game, such as: “Nidalee is pouncing towards Vayne!” This helps viewers keep track of events that are happening during gameplay and ensures that no one gets lost or confused.

5. Be engaging

If you want people to watch your stream, then make sure that your stream is interesting enough to do so. Don’t just watch your own gameplay and expect people to like it, engage your viewers and make them feel like they are a part of the experience. This is especially true with video game live streaming, where the audience wants to play games with the streamer and not simply sit there while they do so. Have interactive chat rooms or polls that allow viewers to make decisions or have fun with others in real time! Remember that you’re not always going to get good viewers, but getting them over can sometimes be even harder. You can use some of these little tricks to help grow your channel if you want bigger channels in streaming.


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